ArtiVisual Intelligence

ArtiVisual Intelligence is the author’s holistic life philosophy and creative approach to transcend limits, transform oneself and the world through love, connection and co-creation.

• Inspired by Buddhism, quantum physics, and the hero’s journey narrative.

• Core principles are love, passion, curiosity, courage, resilience, creativity, and connection.

• Belief that our thoughts, words, and actions shape our reality. We co-create through small steps.

• Focus inward, follow your talents and passions to contribute to the greater whole.

• Pay attention, open up to synchronicity and serendipity.

• Balance intuition and cognition, ego, heart and soul.

• See the interconnectedness of everything, keep growing and pushing boundaries.

• It’s a mindset and a set of values to live more consciously, creatively and courageously.

• An inclusive, empowering approach to education, leadership and life itself.

Dip into ArtiVisual Intelligence … it might change your life.