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If you want to know more about and maybe participate in ArtiVisual Impact Design or StoryStrolling, send me a mail, we’ll work something out.

ArtiVisual Intelligence – a holistic life philosophy and creative approach to transcend limits, transform oneself and the world through love, connection and co-creation.


StoryStrolling – a unique and immersive experience that combines storytelling and strolling, especially designed for young professionals who want to (re-)discover their personal creative signature to enrich the world around them.

StoryStrolling credentials:

“Storystrolling might seem weird at first if you are not used to reflect on your inner self or think about things outside of your comfort zone. But for me it was a match made in heaven.” ~ Jennifer

“Being in nature, making myself think using deep questions and then translating those thoughts into a valuable, unique vision. That’s what StoryStrolling has taught me. I recommend it to anyone who has the slightest interest in self-development, self-awareness, or even commitment to yourself. Go for it! ~ Quint

“Through Storystrolling I have come to better understand the importance of the people around me in a group, but I have also learned that I need to take good account of what I stand for myself and be open to other people. I think I have become much more conscious, allowing me to work more deliberately and thus grow as a designer in terms of behavior.” ~ Christien

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